Service the Way you Need it

  We offer on-site service, as well as, remote service world wide (often same day).Our phone advise is always FREE!  

Seniors are our Specialty

Being a senior myself, I know that we weren't born with computers or raised in that world. Therefore we take the time to explain what you need to know about today's computer needs and technology.

No Geek Speak

We actual converse in normal English. We strive not try to confuse you with computer jargon or nonsense that you don't need to know.

Virus Removal

The "Bad Guys" just keep getting better at trying to take advantage of people. Spyware, Malware and Ransomeware are the main forms of infections these days. We can remove such infections and advise you on how to keep you system clean.


We can setup your home or office network, wired or wireless. We can advise you as to the benefits of both.


If you have a Server that needs attention or upgrading, feel free to contact us.

Setup & Repair

We setup and repair both PCs and Macs.
Solid State Drives

Replace you old "spinning" hard drive with a Solid State Drive (SSD). Older machines will come back to life, faster than ever!
Windows 10 Upgrade

With Windows 7 support ending on January 14, 2020, We can upgrade your system to the new Windows 10 and make it look like Windows 7.  


Need instruction on your PC, Mac, iPhone or iPad, give us a call and we can Patiently guide you through the learning curve.

Some Simple Advice

Phone Scams are an everyday occurrence. Sadly.

1. Do not ever let someone "Remote In" or "Take Over" you machine unless you know and trust this person. Almost always they are "Criminals."

2. If someone calls you with a Middle Eastern accent (unless you have friends from the Middle East) just hang up. 9 out of 10 times they are "Criminals."

3. No one from Social Security, the IRS, Microsoft or Apple will ever call you! These people are "Criminals."